FORD Recalled For Dangerous Takata Airbags

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FORD Recalled For Dangerous Takata Airbags

Honestly, this whole thing is a disaster It’s so convoluted and beyond difficult to figure out what’s even happening The brief rundown is that japanese company Takata manufactured “non-desiccated” airbags which don’t have enough drying agent to combat humidity Like we’ve got here in Florida, you just walk from your front door to the mailbox and you’re drenched in sweat) Problems occur after years of exposure to heat and humidity

When these airbags deploy they can do so with far too much force If that happens the inflator, a metal cartridge, may rupture shooting pieces through the airbag straight at the person it’s supposed to protect And there’s been a number of cases where things went wrong One man bled to death after a piece of metal slit his jugular vein Another woman in Orlando “looked like she had been shot” according to police

Not what I want happening when my airbag deploys On May 4th 2016 Takata recalled another 35-40 million vehicles, adding to the 29 million that were already recalled in 2014 For a grand total of just 70 million… holy fuck…that’s a lot of recalls The recalls even got recalls Replacement airbags could have the same issues down the line! And then this week we found out Toyota, FCA, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi were still using airbags that would eventually have to be recalled

How can they do that, you ask? Well, this is such a huge recall, the biggest recall in the history of anything, that the NHTSA is requiring the recalls to be filed by manufacturers with a rolling deadline up to 2018 And let’s be clear, that’s just the date that the recalls have to be filed The airbags have to be replaced by December 31st 2019 That’s THREE YEARS of more potential deaths and injuries And that’s if Takata can even manufacture enough airbags to replace all 70 million of them

A Japanese woman is now filing criminal charges against Nissan and Takata after a piece of metal from the airbag was removed from her wounds Her vehicle was recalled in 2015 but when she brought it in to be replaced the dealership didn’t have enough replacement parts at the time Seems like a valid case Recalls within the US are being prioritized and are going in three zones based on Temperature and Humidity Zone A is described as Hot and humid and includes the south, California, Hawaii and other small islands around the US

Zone B and C are less Hot and Humid and include, well, the rest of the country In 2015, CBS said Takata tested 30,000 airbags, and just 265 ruptured which is only 08% That means you’re much more likely to be saved by your airbag than injured by it So don’t try anything like disable your airbag Our poll today is How do you think Takata should be held responsible? Should they be fined? Should they be barred from selling airbags in the united states? Should their assets be sold and the company shut down? Vote in our poll right here Do you have another idea for Takata’s fate? Let us know in the comments

So how can you find out if your vehicle is included in this recall? In the US go to this website (wwwsafercargov) There you can enter your VIN and get details It’s probably a good idea to check this every few months since there is still another few years left of this

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FORD Recalled For Dangerous Takata Airbags