Ford F150 Airbag SRS Explosion

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Ford F150 Airbag SRS Explosion

Ford Airbag Halloween Horror Robo Tech was recently called to address a 2006 Ford F 150 airbag issue In 2010 Ford Motor Company has agreed to recall 1

2 million additional F 150 pickup trucks because of hundreds of reports that the airbag can suddenly and unexpectedly deploy The N H T S A has received 269 reports of random airbag deployments, resulting in 98 injuries The number of reports was the most in the last 27 years for airbag problems and led to a thorough investigation The reported injuries have ranged from chipped teeth, to fractured arms and severe burns There was also one reported accident where the driver jumped out of his moving vehicle after the airbag randomly deployed because he thought it was on fire

Ford had already recalled 135,000 F 1 50’s for the same issue back in February 2009 The newly expanded recall now includes the 2004 to 2006 model years, as well as some 2006 Lincoln Mark L T This case was going to be a trial in itself The customer’s complaint was a an S R S or airbag light on from now and then But the issue was, why from now and then? On top of that the customer was a bit afraid due to the news of the Ford airbag recall

I started my diagnostics by retrieving the airbag codes, but unknown to most folks, Ford S R S systems can be queried without a scan tool To retrieve codes, verify the ignition switch is in the run position (engine does not need to be running) Next, locate the black R A B S 2 diagnostic connector The diagnostic connector has two mating halves, one of which has a black orange wire connected to it Disconnect the two halves

Attach one end of a jumper wire to the black with orange stripe wire side of the diagnostic connector Momentarily ground the opposite end of the jumper wire by connecting it to a good chassis ground for 1 to 2 seconds Grounding this wire should start the lamp flashing The code consists of a number of short flashes and ends with a long flash Count the short flashes and include the following long flash in the count to obtain the code number

Solid on is an indicator that the R C M, restraint control module or airbag computer has an error or is disconnected Upon retreiving the code, D T C number 19 was aquired, which meant, driver front airbag circuit fault I then, to be sure, grabbed my Ford scanner and saw code B 22 93, which meant the same thing on the O B D 2 side So, my issue was with the front driver side airbag But what exactly? Was it the pyrotechnic or explossive device? Or was it a wiring issue? Now is when it gets interresting

Airbag modules, due to their sensitive explossive nature can not be probed with an Ohm meter The right procedure is to use substitution resistors and let the S R S module do the checking An Ohm meter can definitely be used to check wiring, so long as it doesn’t probe on the involve the airbag device itself I removed the airbag module and substituted it with the right resistor meant for this Ford F 1 50 I erased the codes by following an errasure procedure, and took off for a road test

I wanted to shake and stress the system I also made repeated turns to flex the airbag clockspring wire While doing one of those turns, the S R S light suddenly came on again Well, I was getting close I went back to the shop, erased codes again, and proceeded to make repeated turns of the speering wheel while in park

But this time nothing happened Was this issue related to a loose wire or a clockspring? After about 30 minutes of testing, I still had no joy on the S R S ligt But I suddenly remembered that the horn had gone off in one of those instances of road testing Sure enough, I decided to test the horns and suddenly the S R S light came on Wow, this was weird, I had never seen that before

Later on while researching the issue I learned of the Ford recall due to sudden airbag deployment This an issue that Ford never wanted to aknowledge, but it’s there I decided to remove the airbag clockspring and test it with an Ohm meter I found defective wiring and what appeared to be cross feeds between wires This is a very unussual issue with airbags, which historically have been very reliable

Ford F150 Airbag SRS Explosion