2019 Ford Mustang GT – Review & Road Test

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2019 Ford Mustang GT – Review & Road Test

More than an automotive icon, the 6th generation Ford Mustang is a thoroughly modern rear drive performance coupe But even great cars can benefit from a little midcycle update love

This might be OK in your Hawaiian rental Mustang but in this particular $49,000 Mustang GT scratchy plastic feels out of place Though I am getting a pretty fresh sound out of it Quick aside, if you're wondering why this GT premium trim is so darn expensive blame $10,000 in options including $1,500 for driver assists and $4,000 for a GT Performance Package that adds Brembo brakes, a Torsen limited slip differential, a retuned suspension and 19inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires Okay, back to the interior The climate and audio controls are easy to use, the optional 12inch digital gauge cluster is vivid and delightfully customizable and passenger space is excellent, if you're in the front seat

Backseat life is more complicated for three reasons, the seatback flips forward, but the seat does not automatically slide up Legroom is a little bit dicey with a lanky Brit upfront, but if you put somebody like Lyn who's pixie sized up front, it's not that bad Lastly, headroom is tight Heaven help hat fanatics enroute to Pebble Beach or the Kentucky Derby On a practical note, cargo volume is a reasonable 13


5cubic feet in the fastback and 114 cubic feet in the convertible Rear seats can also be folded flat to accommodate larger cargo At less than $27,000 a bass Mustang comes wellequipped with eight airbags including front occupant knee airbags, intelligent access with pushbutton start, and two USB inputs Spend thousands more for the Mustang premium trim and you'll enjoy among other things dual zone climate control, premium door trim, and Sync 3 infotainment

As far as infotainment systems are concerned Sync 3 is a good one Its eightinch touchscreen is easy to navigate, quick reacting and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard Hooray! There's also a Ford Pass app that lets owners locate, lock and start their Mustang with a smartphone Dazzling as that is we're more impressed with how the -decoration: underline;”>Mustang drives Like older -decoration: underline;”>Mustangs this generation Mustang is utterly thrilled to turn

Precise steering with helpful feedback makes the modern 'Stang a brilliant partner on winding roads and unimpeded on ramps Ride quality is fine though, for the best blend of agility and comfort add the $1700 magneride adjustable shocks and skip the optional 19inch wheels For customizing the -decoration: underline;”>Mustang's throttle response, transmission behavior and stability control settings, the Premium trim offers several driving modes Onthefly adjustability is awesome, but just remember, when you go into one of the racier modes like race mode, it also affects stability control, so you will have to actually drive the car You have been warned

In the engine lineup there are no bad choices The base 23litre fourcylinder EcoBoost engine is plenty powerful, returns more than 30 mpg on the highway and can hit 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds For balanced performance and efficiency, the fourcylinder is a perfectly reasonable choice, but who wants to make the reasonable choice As the automotive gods intended, the Mustang GT comes with a 5liter V8 for about $36,000 including destination charges

It sounds powerful, and more importantly it is powerful Ford says the Mustang GT can accelerate from 060 in less than 40seconds and I believe them, because we are cutting off the video right now For quick departures the manual transmission offers launch control while the automatic uses drag strip mode to minimize power interruptions between gear changes There's also a standard linelock feature that clamps the front brakes for effortless burnouts

Use that power wisely or as close to wisely as you can muster One other neat feature is an available active Performance Exhaust with varying loudness levels and a time configurable quiet start mode so you don't wake the neighbors This one doesn't have that Choose a Mustang GT coupe with the standard 6speed manual transmission and the EPA thinks you'll see this kind of fuel efficiency Expect a onempg bump in the city with the $1600 10speed automatic transmission

Speaking of the automatic, I'm conflicted I'm utterly devoted to the dying art of manual gear changes, but the 10speed automatic is just plain good, and yes after everything I say I will accelerate See? You'll notice that with 10 ratios engine revs stay in the sweet spot for supreme acceleration With a mellower throttle foot, all those gear changes are largely transparent One note though, if you're cruising on the freeway in tenth gear and you want a downshift proactively for a corner that's up ahead, let's say you want to go to third gear, that is seven full taps so you can be in the right gear

It's a lot of gears to have to work through to get to third, but I'm there Nonetheless, with massive power, rearwheel drive and a sophisticated automatic transmission Ford Mustang grants its driver visceral dramatic acceleration on demand Though I still prefer the manual For even more visceral Mustang action look to the $58,000 Shelby GT350, which boasts a trackready suspension and a 526 horsepower 52liter flatplain V8

And here's what it looks like being driven stupidly at a race track As you gathered, we like the Ford Mustang, but there are other ponies in the sea The Chevrolet Camaro is a prime competitor and in ZLl1 guy sports a serious horsepower advantage over the most powerful Mustang, at least until the GT500 arrives There's also the Dodge Challenger which offers seating for five, available allwheel drive and absurd Hellcat and Demon variants for your tire thrashing needs If you're openminded, I suppose the Mustang might also rank as a valuepriced alternative to the BMW 4series or Audi A5 Competition aside the Mustang is something special, not just because of how it drives or looks but for what it represents

With Ford dismantling its American car lineup excluding the Mustang to focus more profitable vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs, this really is the past present and future of Ford cars I guess if you're going to make only one car it may as well be a wicked coupe